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What Are The Best Organic Vegetables & Fruits To Grow In The US?

If you are planning to grow organic vegetables in your garden or backyard then you are heading in the right direction. Home organics is the way to the future. Being self dependent with as much as you can produce on your own is not only healthier but also economic. You can cut down on your reliance on market demands and supply which lead to inflation.

Here is a list of the best organic vegetables that you can grow in the US.


Broccoli is a very nutritious veggie. It is loaded with multiple vitamins and minerals. Growing broccoli in your garden organically is not a big challenge. All you need is a few pots which should have a depth of about sixteen inches and you need to place one broccoli plant per pot. You can increase or decrease the number of pots depending on your requirement. There are some challenges of worms that you would face while growing broccoli, you can refer to a simple guide to get rid of those or to prevent them at the outset.


Peas can be grown in small containers, which make them ideal for hydroponic farming as well. One of the simplest organic vegetables to grow at home, all you need to ensure to grow peas is to offer them optimum support so the plant can climb and coil up. One advantage of growing peas is that it can be grown at any time of the year if the temperature hovers anywhere between 80 degrees down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.


Another popular veggie to grow in your garden or backyard, you can opt for kidney beans, great northern beans or navy beans. While growing beans you must be aware of the exact time to harvest. You must extract the beans from the plants when the pods are completely dry. You can easily spot this by looking at the vine.


There is something amazing about homegrown tomatoes that look bright, juicy and fresh. The only challenge while growing tomatoes would be blight which is a problem in this country. Other than that and a few caterpillar like worms, growing tomatoes is very simple and surefire.

There are many other organic vegetables that you can produce regardless of where you live in the US, of course barring some places where the climate is extreme at most times of the year. Growing organic fruits is actually a challenge because it would depend on where exactly you live and how much land you have available for home organics.