USDA Organic Labels

An Introduction To Various Organic Food Labels

There is a very well defined policy by which USDA organic food products are labeled. Organic food has been widely hailed as a better alternative to inorganic foods. It is albeit better to eat naturally grown fruits, vegetables and all kinds of produce but you must be aware of the various organic food labels that exist. Not all organic meanings imply that the foods are grown entirely in a natural and safe manner. There are variations within the family of organic farming.

Organic foods are safer, more nutritious and thus healthier. Knowing the USDA organic labels will not only help you to choose the best food but it would help you to become a wise shopper. For better health, know these organic food labels.

Conventionally Grown Produce

Conventionally grown produce is a category that includes all kinds of crops, vegetables and fruits which use the traditional method of agriculture or farming. When traditional fertilizers, pesticides and medications are used for the produce of crops, fruits and vegetables, they are regarded as conventionally grown produce. In other words, the method of agriculture or farming will use some chemicals in the form of fertilizers and pesticides and the produce may also be treated with medicines such as growth hormones and antibiotics.

The USDA organic food labels used for conventionally grown produce are a four digit number and the number starts with 4. You can check for this four digit code at the back of the pack of the food you are buying at the store.

Organically Grown Produce

USDA organic labels for naturally or organically grown produce are a five digit number that starts with 9. Thus, you will find five numbers or a five digit code on the packs starting with 9 which would indicate that the food is completely organic.

Organically grown fruits, crops and vegetables imply that no chemicals or synthetic products were used to grow the produce.

Genetically Modified Produce

Genetically modified produce doesn’t fall under the USDA organic food category. Genetically modified crops, vegetables and fruits use biologically engineered genes and seeds to grow the produce. The label for such genetically modified produce is a five digit number that starts with 8.

You can check out the organic food labels of products and identify accordingly.

To get accredited as USDA organic produce, a farmer needs to use safe soil, natural seeds or natural genes of the produce and must not use any chemicals or synthetic products, growth facilitators or fertilizers in the entire process. Also, no sludge fertilizer or animal byproducts must be used in the process.